Beyonce Pregnant????

: You knew it was coming. One of’s most reliable sources is claiming that Beyonce may pregnant!!

We spoke with a member of Beyonce’s inner circle who suspects that the bootylicious babe may have a bun in the oven. The insider, who has given valuable information on Beyonce in the past, explained “I have a sneaking suspicion that Beyonce may be pregnant. Don’t ask me why, but she’s been doing a lot of things that are making [us] suspicious … All of a sudden she’s going crazy about people smoking around her. She never used to be that way, so this is really out of the blue. She doesn’t even allow [Jay Z] to smoke a cigar in front of her.”

And the snitch has more evidence. According to the insider, Beyonce has recently given up alcohol. The insider reveals to, “Beyonce hasn’t been having anything to drink – not even champagne … and while she’s no lush, she usually doesn’t turn down a glass of bubbley”

But the insider’s final piece of evidence might be the most convincing. The insider tells, “Beyonce has given up on her diet. She used to count every single calorie that she consumed … now she seems to be eating whatever she wants.” got a hold of some recent pics of Beyonce and she does look a little plumper than usual. She also appears to have that pregnancy glow to her.

Sit back, ladies and gentleman, this is about to get real interesting…