Baby’s Wife Is An 18 Year Old SKRIPPER (Yeah We Said SKRIPPER)!!!

: If you’re wondering why New Orleans rapper Baby is now denying police accounts that he’s married to an 18 year old woman, there’s a perfectly good explanation. You see, yesterday the Cash Money head caught wind that would be reporting to you the 18 year old woman’s true occupation – as an EXOTIC DANCER. EXCLUSIVELY got its hands on photos of the woman he reportedly married, Brittany Williams, showing her best side. The woman, who’s gone by many different names, has reportedly been a fixture at many of Houston’s “Exotic lounges.”

And in case you’re wondering how long the 18 year old has been an exotic dancer – we ain’t telling. We have too many readers who enjoy the atmosphere at Houston’s exotic lounges. We ain’t trying to bring heat on the industry….

For the NSFW pics, click here

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