AAAAWWWWWW SH*T . . . It’s Going DOWN!!! Some NFL Player Is THREATENING Rapper YG On Instagram . . . He’s Trying To TRACK DOWN THE RAPPER . . . To Get THAT FADE!!!

: NFL safety Tony Jefferson from the Arizona Cardinals is ON THE HUNT . . . looking for rapper YG. You see YG apparently bet the baller $5,000 for SOMETHING . .. and then ain’t never PAY HIM.

So Tony went on Instagram basically saying that he (who is about 220 pounds) wants to FADE YG (who prolly weighs about 170 pounds).

Now usually we don’t OFFER ADVICE to celebs . . . but in this case we’re gonna give Tony a little. Everyone WE KNOW tells us that rapper YG and his people are NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH. So you might wanna RECONSIDER trying to RUN UP on dude . . .