: MediaTakeOut.com just got some EXTRE-EMELY JUICY ea from one of our snitches, who is friends with MULTIPLE NBA players. According to our insidre one of the Indiana Pacers STAR PLAYERS was caught BANGING OUT one of his teammates WIFEY.

According to the rumor, the Pacers were playing WELL and the team was really starting to GEL until a few months ago - when word of the SECRET AFFAIR leaked. The insider explained, "[STAR PLAYER] was really dirty with it. [STAR PLAYER] had some type of instagram relationship with her that started out friendly and then got physical. I guess he thought no one would find out, but the girl snitched on him when she was arguing with [Her man, the other Indiana Pacer]."

Word is that the entire team and coaching staff have been doing their best to diffuse the situation, and to remind BOTH MEN that they have a REAL CHANCE AT WINNING an NBA championship if they put this mess behind them.

But so far . . . it ain't working . . .

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