: MediaTakeOut.com BROKE THE NEWS on Thursday that NFL superstar Colin Kaeperneck is being investigated for a possible sexual assault. We also broke the news that the woman who was possibly assaulted . . . is a CELEBRITY.

We also broke down HER SIDE of what went down. According to people close to the woman, she believes that she may have been DRUGGED, or otherwise POISONED. And she suspects that either Colin, or one of his associates - two NFL players - may have ALLEGEDLY sexually assaulted her.

Well, we now have COLIN AND EM's side of WHAT WENT DOWN. Before we go any further, we want to say that we've ALWAYS LIKED Colin. We know TONS of people close to him, and EVERYONE is surprised by the accusations. Colin is known as a COOL GUY, who loves the ladies, but is NOT THE TYPE to be aggressive or anything.

So we reached out to a person CLOSE TO COLIN - who told us his side of things. We have to be clear, we DID NOT speak to Colin about this directly. But our source is SOLID. Also, we can not say whether this is TRUE - or whether it's just THEIR LIES . . . but this is the story that COLIN AND EM are sticking to.

According to our insider, Colin and two of his friends were at an apartment with the young lady. They claim that the woman was DRINKING, and got extremely DRUNK. The woman DOES have a history with Colin - so at some point in the night, Colin and the young lady ALLEGEDLY went OFF TO THE BEDROOM and started MESSING AROUND.

Here is where the stories diverge. MediaTakeOut.com's IMPECCABLE SNITCH claims that during the MAKE OUT SESSION, Colin allegedly realized that the woman was VERY INTOXICATED and so he LEFT THE ROOM. Colin, we're told DID NOT WANT TO GET CAUGHT UP IN ANY KIND OF SITUATION - by having relations with a woman that was very intoxicated.

MediaTakeOut.com's snitch then tells us that Colin LEFT THE ROOM, and told his homies about how DRUNK the woman appeared. The two NFL homies allegedly went into the room to CHECK ON THE WOMAN and determined that she needed help.

Here's some MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVE NEW INFORMATION. We're told that Colin and his NFL homies allegedly CALLED THE FIRE DEPARTMENT . . . and told them about the situation . . . and that FIRE AND RESCUE came to the apartment to assist the woman. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, "[MediaTakeOut.com] I'm telling you there is PAPERWORK showing that Fire And Rescue took that woman to the hospital. I'm telling you NO LIES."

The insider claims that ALLEGEDLY at no time did anyone do anything sexual to the lady (other than Colin making out with her). And that allegedly NO ONE drugged her either.

This EXCLUSIVE report is stunning. Assuming Colin's PEOPLE are telling the truth, and there's PAPERWORK that shows they called Fire And Rescue to save her . . . we don't know what to think.

What do YOU GUYS think?

EDITORS UPDATE - Now that we BROKE THIS NEWS, lets all watch the "media" like roaches run and find the Fire And Rescue report, and pretend like they "discovered" it. LOL

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