: Yesterday, MediaTakeOut.com BROKE THE NEWS that Colin Kaepereck was being investigated for an alleged sexual assault. After we BROKE THE NEWS, every media company in the world ran to the Miami police department to get a copy of the report, and acted like it was there "JOURNALISM' that got them this story. LOL.

Anyways - we got ALL THE TEA on this story, cause we're talking to people CLOSE TO THE ALLEGED VICTIM, and not just the PO PO. And let us tell you . . . this story is about to EXPLODE.

First of all, we can tell you that the woman involved in the incident is NOT SOME AVERAGE EVERY DAY THOT. The young lady is FAMOUS . . . in the Black community. We're not gonna put her name or her profession out there - since it looks like she may have been SEXUALLY ASSAULTED - but trust when we tell you . . . YOU ALL KNOW WHO SHE IS . .. and you all will be SHOCKED!!!

Here is some more tea on what ALLEGEDLY happened - that's NOT in the police report. Once again - this is all ALLEGEDLY (#TeamNoLawsuit#). The police report says that the young lady was in the bed with Colin, then he left, and then two other football teammates "peaked in" to the room. Well ALLEGEDLY, the young lady believes that the three ballers may have ALLEGEDLY hatched some sort of a plot . . . for Colin to get her all worked up, and ALLEGEDLY then the OTHER TWO NO NAME DUDES to menage her. She also suspects that they ALLEGEDLY drugged her as part of the plot.

The young lady doesn't know WHAT happened after the two NO NAME BALLER LEFT . . . but she BLACKED OUT, and anything could have happened. Hours later, the young lady allegedly WOKE UP IN THE HOSPITAL in "PHYSICAL PAIN" - and she suspected that she allegedly recently had very rough sexual relations.

Once again, let us be clear - this is a FAMOUS CHICK that we're talking about. Not that it makes what she's saying any more believable . . . but we DON'T THINK that it's one of those - she's DOING IT FOR THE MONEY things.

We're told that based on the "PHYSICAL EVIDENCE" collected at the hospital and a possible TOXICOLOGY test . . . that Colin Kaepernick is likely in a WORLD OF TROUBLE. This case is VERY real . . . and it's about to get EVEN BIGGER.

We're not going to say Colin is GUILTY - only a court can do that. But think about if you were this young lady . . . you go to the home of a FRIEND, who gets you naked and has his BOYS COME IN THE ROOM. Then you BLACK OUT and wake up in a hospital bed, and none of them are even AROUND. Wouldn't YOU WANT THE POLICE INVOLVED!!! And like we said . . . this ain't no THOT . . . it's a FAMOUS GIRL!!!

We hope that members of the press would CREDIT MEDIATAKEOUT.COM when they use our reporting in the future.

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