: EDITORS UPDATE - Welp, the cat is out of the bag. After we reported this article, every media agency ran down to the Miami police and found out that it was Colin Kaepernick.

Here is our original report, we BROKE THE STORY!!!

MediaTakeOut.com just got some BLOOOOOOCKBUSTER news. We just learned that the Miami police department is looking allegations that a woman was sexually assaulted by a group of men, including one SUPER POPULAR NFL player.

We're not gonna say his name, because he's innocent until proven guilty. And we're not trying to MESS UP ANY OF HIS MONEY . . . especially since police haven't even decided to CHARGE HIM YET.

Allegedly, a woman claims that the NFL baller brought her to his hotel room at the VICEROY HOTEL. She allegedly claims that she got DRUGGED or SOMETHING LIKE THAT . . . and was assaulted by the baller, and some other NFL players. The police ALLEGEDLY took the woman for a mental evaluation after the allegations were made. It's not clear yet what the result of the evaluations were.

It's a matter of time before either the PO-PO announces charges, or the girl comes forward with a civil lawsuit.

Either way . . . the LIGHT SKINNEDED BALLER is taking this threat VERY seriously. You see, he's usually VERRRRY THIRSTY on Instagram - following TONS of video vixens and skrippers. But in the last few days, dude has unfollowed 700 girls on IG and 120 on twitter.

When the CACA HITS THE FAN . . . and fans are CRYING THEIR EYES OUT. . . don't forget where you HEARD ABOUT THIS FIRST!!!

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