: MediaTakeOut.com learned that Ludacris was shot down in his attempt to have the court find his baby mama in contempt of court ... with the judge siding with the baby mama and ordering Luda to pay for her lawyers bill

Luda filed docs last month in Georgia Court ... explaining that his baby mama Tamika Fuller should be found in contempt of court and sanctioned for violating the courts order. Luda had the docs sealed by the court to make sure nobody could see the allegations he made against Tamika. But we understand that Luda believed that his BBM was LEAKING STORIES to MediaTakeOut.com, and other sites. We CATEGORICALLY DENY any of these charges against us (How DARE he suggest such a THING . . . )

Anyways, a hearing was held on March 18th in Fulton County Court ... where both the rapper and Tamika were ordered to appear before a judge. The judge reviewed the evidence that Ludacris presented to the court and also heard testimony from both Luda and Tamika .... and based on everything the judge shot down Luda and denied his request to find his baby mama in contempt and also sanctioned

The judge then ordered him to pay for Tamika's lawyer fees for having to fight off his contempt motion. The judge made him pay a total of 2k for this situation

The judge then came back 2 days later and ordered that Ludacris pay another 35k to Tamika's lawyer .... after she asked the court to make him pay since he filed the suit and clearly had the money to pay for her legal bills.

We managed to get our hands on the LEGAL PAPERWORK regarding the decision. And NO . . . Luda's babys moms AIN'T GIVE IT TO US EITHER!!!!

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