: For those of y'all that saw the Atlanta Housewives last night, Kenya's dog Velvet SUPPOSEDLY died after being mauled by a neighbors dog. Kenya was TRAUMATIZED when she saw the entire incident - and cried openly on the show.

It was actually VERY SAD to see Kenya so broken up . . . but we got a TIP . . . that Kenya has reportedly FAKED VELVET'S DEATH.

According to an MTOer that lives in Los Angeles . . . we're told that Kenya's BFF Brandon showed up with a LITTLE YORKIE about six months ago. And that Yorkie looked SURPRISINGLY SIMILAR to Kenya's dog. We're told that TO THIS DAY . . . Brandon still as that dog.

And there's more. We did a little digging and noticed that 3 months ago, Brandon posted pics of his dog, and Kenya's dog VELVET together in his car in Los Angeles - and by Brandon's comments, the photo seemed to be RECENTLY taken. At the time it seemed INNOCENT enough.

Well the Housewives FINISHED FILMING about 5 MONTHS ago - and Kenya's DOGGIE was LONG DEAD by the time filming Wrapped - so it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for that pic to have been current 3 months ago.

Unless of course Kenya FAKED HER DOGS DEATH . . . SMH. This reality TV ish is just TOO FAKE . . .

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