: MediaTakeOut.com confirmed that Ying Yang rapper Deongelo Holmes was sentenced to a year in jail .... for the incident where he punched his wife in the head

Deongelo Holmes was arrested in Georgia late last year for allegedly socking his wife Porsha in the head. He was charged with "family violence" and two counts of simple battery ... he was released on bond and had to agree to stay away from his wife.

Then on March 14th .... Holmes entered a plea deal where he plead nolo contendere and he was sentenced to serve 12 months in the Gwinnett County Comprehensive Correctional Complex.

Holmes must also perform 20 hours of community service while in the corrections complex. He is also ordered not to drink or do drugs and will have to submit to random drug testing

He is allowed to see his wife Porsha but he is ordered the contact must be NON-violent and also he has to complete a certified family violence intervention program

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