: MediaTakeOut.com was IN THE BUILDING last night at the PINK RHINO in Phoenix. It was kind of RANDOM . . . but we were there. And you'll never guess who walked into the club . . . KHLOE KARDASHIAN and her new man FRENCH MONTANA.

French was there for an appearance - and it was COOL. But what was even MORE INTERESTING was that the French and Khloe were getting MULTIPLE LAP DANCES from girls - one BLONDE GIRL in particular.

We weren't able to SNAP PICS cause French had his GOONS blocking us. But we saw with OUR OWN EYES that French and Khloe took the blonde girl in the back - and LEFT WITH HER. Our guess is they were going somewhere PRIVATE for the MENAGE.

Who knew that Khloe was such a FREAK!!!

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