: Phaedra Parks filed new documents in her lawsuit against the author of the alleged Tell All book about her .... tearing each and everyone of the alleged accusations apart with that lovely southern charm

Parks filed docs on March 31st in Georgia Court .... in the lawsuit she filed against Angela Stanton over the book she published accusing Phaedra of being apart of criminal schemes amongst other scandalous allegations

In the docs ... Phaedra states she is a a "well-respected member of the State Bar Of Georgia" and that Angela made outrageous and untrue statements in her book and thus she should be awarded the judgement in this case

She points out that she went under oath and stated she had never been arrested, never been questioned by police in regards to a crime, never been involved in any criminal schemes with Angela or anyone including her husband Apollo and she has only been cited for routine traffic violations

Phaedra fired back at the allegation that she was good friends with Angela. She responded to Stanton's statement that she introduced Phaedra to her family as her "good friend" at her grandmothers house back in the day. Phaedra denied that claim and stated if Angela had said to family they were good friends that "manners would have dictated that plaintiff (Phaedra) would have not denied that fact and embarrassed" Angela in front of her family

Further Phaedra claims that the allegation that she and her husband Apollo engaged Angela in a criminal scheme in which they created and told her to use a fake ID and open a Bank Acct is false ... and she doesn't even have knowledge of her banking activity. Also ... Phaedra says the car theft scheme Angela admitted to had nothing to do with her.

Parks fires back at Angela's claims the publisher knew the book was accurate ... stating if that were so they wouldn't have ceased publishing it ... now would they have

Then she explains why she has yet to sit down for a deposition for Angela ... claiming that her lawyer posted a blog accusing her of leaking a portion of Angela's depo in which Parks believed he did simply created to gain publicity for him and she believed there to be a high likelihood that he or Angela would leak portions of her deposition if she sat down for it.

She is asking that the case continue on and Angela's request it be dismissed be denied

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