: Just when you thought that the Atlanta Hosuewives reunion show couldn't have been more RATCHET . . .. MediaTakeOut.com exclusively learned that Kenya Moore was ROBBED during the shows taping - and so was her BFF Lawrence.

We know what you're thinking . . . what in the HECK KIND OF FOOLISHNESS is there . . . for someone to be ROBBED while doing a show.

Here's what we know . . . MediaTakeOut.com learned that while taping, Kenya stashed her laptop inside of a LOUIE BAG with her wallet and $$. Lawrence had his wallet inside of his purse, which was with Kenya's bag.

As MediaTakeOut.com EXPLAINED EARLIER, Porsha started beating THE DAWG SH*T out of Kenya during the taping. After the altercation, Porsha was asked to LEAVE THE PREMISES - but she was still VERY upset. So Porsha went back towards the dressing area with her entourage.

ALLEGEDLY . . . they say that one of Porsha's people ALLEGEDLY went into Kenya's dressing room . . . an ALLEGEDLY robbed her of her stuff. We're told that Porsha eventually found her laptop LYING AROUND somewhere back stage. But she has not gotten back her PURSE, or her wallet. And Lawrence hasn't gotten back his stuff either.

Developing . . .

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