: Yesterday it happened . . . Love and Hip Hop star Mendeecees was released from prison on bail. But he's not FREE . . . he still has to STAND TRIAL for his drug charges. Yandy put up some of the money, and got him BAILED OUT last night.

The internets have been going WILD with reports that Mendeeces is a "SNITCH" . . . or that he is "COOPERATING" with authorities, and that's how he got out. Well MediaTakeOut.com can tell you that is 100% NOT THE CASE!!! Mendeeces still faces VERY SERIOUS CHARGES that he'll have to answer for at trial. If he were "cooperating" they would have given him a PLEA or something.

We're happy that Yandy and Mendeeces now have time together to spend as a family. And we pray that he can beat the charges against him. Cause we already KNOW how the DRUG LAWS are racist against Black people.

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