: Peter has just been put on BLAST. A beautiful FULL FIGURED WOMAN from Miami sent us this DETAILED VERSION . . . of how she CHEATED with Cynthia's husband.

My name is Courtney and at first I was gonna keep this to myself as I promised peter but since he's been ignoring me and acting like a bitch on RHOA I'm putting his ass on blast.

Last yeah in September, Peter was a guest at one of Miami hottest nightclubs named Cafe Iguanas. Me and my best friend was dancing and drinking and we saw him he announced himself to the crowd and proceeded to V.I.P. but before he got up the steps he was stopping for pics with his fans.

So my best friend asked him if i can take a pic with him because I was shy so he greeted me with a hug and said "You don't have to be shy" I smiled and posed for the pic. He lowered his hand on to my butt i was surprised cause I'm a plus size female and his wife is a beautiful model but it is known that Jamaican men love them a big girl so i told him don't start nothing he can't finish and he laughed.

So before the we left the club, one of the guys who was with him approached me and my friend and gave me a number. I thought it was the friend number but when i called Peter answered. He told me that i was beautiful and that he would like to see me. I agreed and asked him where he was staying. He asked me do I live alone and if i did he could come over to my house. He said that he Is pretty familiar with Miami cause this is like his 2nd home. So i gave him my address and it took him 20 mins to get to me.

When he came up he complimented my home and we talked some I wanted to ask him about the Housewives but I didn't cause iIknew what he wanted so I admit that I came on to him and he didn't stop me.

Peter is a very well endowed man and he has a serious stroke game. After we finished he kissed my cheek and said That we'll keep in touch. I figured it was a lie and he left and i haven't Heard from him since.

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