MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kenya Moore Will File CRIMINAL CHARGES Against Porsha For HOUSEWIVES REUNION Attack . . . Arrest Warrant To Be ISSUED!!! (SH*T Just Got REAL)

: The drama from the Atlanta Housewives reunion show just went from BAD . . . TO WORSE. has spoken to a person CLOSE TO KENYA . . . and the former beauty queen has decided that she wants to press CRIMINAL CHARGES against Porsha, for the HAIR PULLING attack that occurred during the filming of the Atlanta Housewives reunion show.

We're told that Kenya plans to talk to authorities today, and expect a WARRANT out for Porsha's arrest as early as TOMORROW. Oh and BTW, we're told that Bravo cameras may be FILMING THIS .. . . for next season's housewives. LOL.

Sh*t just got REAL!! This is a EXCLUSIVE report.

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