: When we saw Rihanna FLY TO LONDON to be with Drake . . . after we provided EVIDENCE of him cheating with another woman . . . we thought Rih was acting a bit THIRSTY. But after last night, we're starting to wonder if she really needs to cut her losses . . . and leave Champagne Papi alone.

You see, the two of them were supposed to meet up at a private club in London after Drake's THIRD London concert. She went there and waited for Drake . . . but Drizzy SWERVED!!

According to our TOP OVO SNITCH (#ThisIsFacts#) . . . he decided to hang with his homies over at DSTRKT rather than be with Rihanna . . .

Rihanna stayed at the club for a few hours waiting . . . and then went back to her hotel.

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