: B2K's Lil Fizz filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy ... claiming he only had $4,150 in assets and $352,294 in liabilities

He listed his income at the time as $3,250 a month and his expenses at $4,4937

He had $300 in his Wells Fargo checking account, $500 in clothes and a $200 electric scooter

However, he had a 200k mortgage on a Northridge, CA apartment, 2k debt on his Sears charge account, owed 2k on a credit card, 45k on a land rover, 49k on another car and 32k on another car ... along with various other debts

According to his docs, he listed himself as a self-employed entertainer. He brought in the $3,250 from his job ... but he was paying $2,425 on his home, $480 in transportation not from his 3 cars, $1,200 to other people he supported and $200 in food which left him with a negative balance of $1,687 a month

Lil Fizz lost his home as part of his bankruptcy.

Then last year he was he was finally discharged from his bankruptcy and his debt was wiped clean.

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