: Last night, Basketball Wives LA was POPPIN!! We ain't really been watching that show - but yesterday was KRAYYYYYY!! Draya Michele and Sundy Carter got into a huge brawl - and Draya won, leaving Sundy's eye BLACKED.

On Monday's episode, the cameras CUT AWAY after Sundy threw the drink in Draya's face . . . so you really didn't get to see what happened. Well MediaTakeOut.com spoke with one of the cast members who told us what really happened.

First off, it started when Sundy called Draya's son a "pansy". Very disrespectful to say to a child.

The insider explained, "Draya popped her in the eye with a two piece. Sundy tried to fight back but its clear that she ain't never really been in a fight with anyone real. Sundy was trying to pull hair and fight like a girl. Draya was boxing like a dude. It didn't last long though Draya got in like 3 or four pops and then security came and broke it up."

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