: Hip Hop producer Jermaine Dupri better hope he stashed some of his cash until the mattress .... because a Georgia court recently signed off on his bank accounts being garnished to pay off a close to 100k debt

Dupri was sued by Premier Financial Services back in 2011 after he blew off payments on his 330k Lambo Murcielago. Dupri eventually had his car repo'd but the company sued him for the remaining balance of $79,095. Dupri lost the suit last year and was ordered to pay the 79k + interest + Premier's legal bill

The company clearly is tired of waiting for their money .... having filed legal docs in Gwinnett County Court in which they wanted a judge to order his bank to hand over any cash in his accounts to pay the debt ... in which the judge signed on Feb 3rd ordering SunTrust Bank to hand over any funds Dupri has in his account.

But here's the TWIST. The bank came back informing them that Jermaine Dupri didn't have ANY MONEY in active account at the moment. The case is still open and the company will have to find ANOTHER WAY to get their money!!


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