: Lil Scrappy refused to pay over 150k to a man who won in a lawsuit against him .... and now the man is coming after the rappers Love & Hip Hop paychecks to collect on the debt

A man by the name of Chancy Hope filed docs in Georgia Court on Jan 27th against Lil Scrappy aka Darryl Richardson

The docs show that Hope won a 150k judgement against the rapper from a 2008 lawsuit he filed in Dekalb County, GA

Hope hasn't been paid by Scrappy on the judgement and he is now going after any money he racks in through New Pop Culture Productions --- who are the production company behind the VH1 show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta .... which Scrappy is a main star

Hope asked a judge to sign off on a garnishment order to collect on the 150k he is owed --- which has ballooned up to $191,199.15 with the interest that the judgement has collected since the final award was entered. The court signed off on the order and allowed Hope to take any money that was paid by the production company to Scrappy

The company claimed that between Feb 16th - Feb 22nd they paid Scrappy nothing ...
however they told the court that he works for them when they need him .... and if any money is made by Scrappy thru them in the future they will hand it over to the court to give to Hope.

The case is still pending in Gwinnett County Court, Georgia

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