: MediaTakeOut.com just learned on pretty good authority that Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo are contemplating a separation.

What's sad is that these two really do love each other. Despite what you MAY HAVE HEARD, the two are a loving CHRISTIAN couple who really tried to make it work. They loved and worshiped each other. And while Apollo may not be the BEST husband, he's definitely NOT AS CRUDE AND MEAN as they make him look on the Housewives.

But we understand that the decision to split has to do at least in part with Apollo's legal issues. But before we go any further - we wanna clear something up y'all . . . Phaedra ain't have NOTHING to do with any of that mess. Let us repeat . . . she ain't have NOTHING AT ALL to do with it. Anything else you hear is LIES. You hear that FEDS . . . it's ALL LIES!!!

She and Apollo are trying to come to grips with the fact that he may have a LONG ROAD AHEAD with the legal issues. And while she's not prepared to GIVE UP ON HIM while he's in a tough spot . . . we hear that it's APOLLO that is looking to allow her get on with her life.

This is a very sad situation. We hope they end up finding a way to stay together . . . but from what we understand . . . that's a LONG SHOT.

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