: Now y'all know that we're USUALLY NOT ONES to come out and DEFEND R&B singer Chris Brown . . . but he's in jail right now and it DON'T MAKE NO SENSE.

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Chris Brown was THROWN OUT of rehab and so, according to the rules of his probation, sent to JAIL. ( See full report here )

And an insider EXCLUSIVELY reveled to MediaTakeOut.com that it's because he was caught having a MENAGE with two women staying in the rehab facility with him.

So how did anyone find out about it? Well like Chris Brown says in his new song . . . THESE HEAUX AIN'T LOYAL.

We're told that yesterday during one of the girls' "group therapy" counseling, one of the HEAUX SNITCHED. According to our tipster, the girl told her group all the GRAPHIC details of what Chris, her and the other girl did.

Chris, we're told, was warned that having RELATIONS with other patients there was COMPLETELY OFF LIMITS. As TMZ reported, Chris Brown got that warning after he was caught having an "inappropriate relationship" with a female staff member. But the rehab clinic takes relations between PAYING CUSTOMERS as a far more SERIOUS violation of rules, than relations between patients and staff.

And so the director threw Chris out of rehab . . . and had him ARRESTED!!!

That don't make no sense . . . don't they listen to Chris Brown's music . . . all that boy does is F*CK!!! So now for the first time ever . . . MediaTakeOut.com is officially team FREE BREEZY. If any of y'all would like to start a petition to get that man out of jail . . . we'd be happy to sign it.

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