: MediaTakeOut.com just got word from a person CLOSE to Bravo that the producers have made the OFFICIAL decision on who stays, and who goes.

And this is FACTS, not rumor.

According to our snitch, the following occurred:

- Kandi, NeNe, Kenya, and Porsha have ALL been given an official - you're coming back. The official contracts don't go out until AFTER the reunion show is filmed, but these ladies are already negotiating their next season salaries.

- Phaedra was offered a spot next season, but producers were NOT CLEAR that she would say yes given all her legal issues - you know, with her husband being LOCKED UP and all. Phaedra, we're told producers, that she was 100% WILLING AND ABLE to come next season. Our snitch told us that producers were a little TAKEN ABACK, given that she has all these issues. But Phaedra is apparently comfortable enough with her situation to return next season. Not sure what that means for Apollo - who is under federal indictment.

- Cynthia and Peter were NOT given an official offer. They haven't yet been "officially" fired, but right now it DOES NOT SEEM like they'll be asked back. Here's the issue - producers are SCARED to disrupt the current cast, given the RECORD ratings they received. Most feel that Cynthia and Peter's storylines are "boring", but they're not yet willing to pull the plug. Basically - so so long as the RATINGS stay good Cynthia has a job, but it's still NOT certain

- Mynique and Natalie were told that there services were NO LONGER NEEDED. It's sad because we're told that both ladies practically BEGGED the producers to let them get a spot . . . but producers were like . . . . NAH, WE'RE GOOD!!

- Here is the kicker - Marlo was offered an "official" position. She won't be an official housewife next season, but she's going to be like Mynique or Natalie were this season. What's interesting about this is NeNe was VERY CLEAR with producers that she DID NOT WANT Marlo to return. It's not clear whether with Marlo coming back . . . NeNe will offer to QUIT THE SHOW. Given that NeNe ain't got no other job, other than a temp gig on Dancing With The Stars, we're pretty sure she'll be back.

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