: A few weeks ago MediaTakeOut.com reported that a VERY popular rapper was spotted out with a Houston skripper. It's not clear whether ANYTHING happened between them . . . but they were certainly OUT TOGETHER. (To be clear the skripper girl was NOT Maliah, or Htown Ciara, or Jhonni Blaze).

Well shortly after we reported the story, we received a FRANTIC email from a concerned reader. You see he KNEW THE GIRL . . . and according to him, the girl has THE PACKAGE.

As the reader told us, "the purpose of my email is not start drama - but to bring awareness to these groupies behavior so they don't spead the diease around and willing, knowingly infect others like they did my brother."

We just hope that rapper ain't DO ANYTHING with that skripper. But we know that dude is often on his WORST BEHAVIOR . . .

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