: MediaTakeOut.com learned that according to docs filed earlier this month.... Former NFL top draft pick Vince Young had 35k in the bank on 1/17. But now the former NFL star has only $12,797.75 to his name!!!!

The reason being he spent close to 4k on his home payment, $1.500 on insurance and $15,382.61 on "other" items. Those other items are 5k checks to 2 baby mamas named Stacey Faucher & Cathy Barnes. He also spends $780 in child care

Also interesting to note that he gave his wife Candice Young 2k during the time period.

Vince Young bankruptcy case is still ongoing even though judge granted the NFL star's request to be dismissed. He informed the court that he had worked out a deal with his biggest creditor and no longer needed to go through with the bankruptcy.

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