OOOOH CHILE . . . We Got Some MORE Lupita Tea . . . And It’s EXTRA STEAMING HOT!!!! You Know That AFRICAN Man She Was Hugging . . . Well He’s MARRIED WITH KIDS!!! (Details Plus PICS)

: Chile it is about to go DOWWWWN!!! A few days ago showed you pics of actress Lupita Nyong'o hugging a man the morning after she won the Oscar. Well now has more INFO on the dude.

That man is Toronto-based rapper, K’Naan. They make a real cute copule, except for the fact that he's MARRIED and has TWO KIDS.

A tipster told us that Lupita's new "boyfriend" K'naan has a family in Toronto. Loving wife Deqa and his two kids Salaam, and Talib.

Ummmmmm . . . alrighty then . . .

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