: MediaTakeOut.com learned that rapper Jay-Z dated actress Rosario Dawson for THREE YEARS. Hov and Dawson dated from 1997 to 2000, and some even say that they were set to have a child together until she miscarried before their break-up.

As with anything in Jay’s private life it is unconfirmed, but Hov did speak on the subject of how he was becoming a father soon on his protege Amil’s song 4 Da Fam in early 2000, and then expressed his grief over a miscarriage in his own song This Can’t Be Life later that year.

In a Vibe magazine cover interview in November 2000 the article explains "Yes, he did have a child on the way as he rapped on Amil’s ‘4 Da Fam’, but he stops short of giving a reason why that’s no longer the case.”

Many years later in his book Decoded Hov told readers that the verse on TCBL was actually about his first girlfriend who miscarried back in 1994.

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