: Here is a report from a groupie. This occurred BEFORE Future and Ciara started dating:

My cousin was chilling in Atlanta with one popular Magic City strippa and she,the strippa, was dishing out all of the secrets, well they're really not secrets for people in the strip joint circuit, about Future. She was talking about how his mouth game was BEAST.

So she, my cousin, was curious and was determined to find out if this strippa was telling the truth. She was just about to leave Magic City when she ran into Mr. Future. I guess she used her classy hoeness to swoon him into the hotel.

He basically begged her to let him taste that thang and she allowed him to. She said his slobber went from Thailand to Canada then back to China. A to V then V to A basically.

So when she was finished letting off and his face was shriveled up, she placed the rubber on him and he was basically the Little Haitian Engine That Tried But Died.

After trying to get it up, he finally gave up and made her slob on his corn on the cob and finished it. He left her $200 and paid the hotel fees.

He's fine but damn, take some Molly or something bwooooy.

He gets POINTS for eating the booty, but he can't get it up????

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