: With all the news about Kim Kardashian . . . and her being treated like a PROSTITUTE by some Austrian BILLIONAIRE - here is an email we received, from a video model.

This explains how she made $1 MILLION, as an escort in Dubai:

At 18 I went to CSUF and hated school and having to work wasn’t really my thing… So my roommate started stripping and after a few nights of seeing how much she made, I joined the industry… long story short within a few years I was working full time at [popular skrip club Spearmint] Rhino and making a killing…

One of my co workers showed up in a brand new Bentley and that day changed my life as I knew it. For the last few years of my life, I have been getting degraded like no other. Yes I have traveled everywhere in the world but the price I paid is now only affecting my life and my mind. These guys are so rich, hate their wives and bored with life they are willing to pay anything for their crazy sex fetishes and I was crazy enough to expect the money.

I’ve had to be gangbanged and bukkaked by over 20 Saudi royalty at once (made 40K) in two days so it was worth it. I’ve literally been pissed on and sh*tted on so many times I just don’t understand why they like it (after the 3rd time you get sh*t on you get use to it). I’ve had to have sex with a male German Shepard dog in front of them.

I’ve had to stick numerous objects in my a*s and their a*ses as well, I’ve got paid to eat sh*t, I’ve got paid to get beat up, I even had to stick a live Salmon in some 65 year olds man a*s… I’ve had sex with their 14 year old boys to make them men, I’ve drank cups of c*m and have smeared my face with their sh*t.

So to all you ladies that are going to bash me. I’m 24 years old and have 1 million dollars liquid in my bank account. I’m now retired and can have normal sex with whomever I want."

Wow . . . and she's proud o that. Naw bae . . . we're good with this lil ole MTO check we're getting, and out dignity.

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