: MediaTakeOut.com has some SAD NEWS - R&B singer Brandy got left AT THE ALTAR. Well not quite AT THE ALTAR . . . but pretty DANG CLOSE.

According to a person CLOSE TO BRANDY, she and fiance Ryan Press were LIVING TOGETHER and in the midst of planning for a JUNE WEDDING. They booked the space, sent out invitations and everything.

But last week, we're told,, that fiance Ryan basically told her he wasn't ready . . . and that he didn't want to get married.

It's NOT CLEAR where their relationship is now, or whether they will eventually STAY TOGETHER, but according to MediaTakeOut.com's snitch, "Brandy is DEVASTATED."

Dang, ain't this the SECOND dude that left her at the altar? Didn't her babys father do that too?

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