: Last night was the PREMIERE of Basketball Wives LA. And we were in AWE . . . watching the NONSENSE that was coming out of many of the ladies mouths. We were in AWE, because WE GOT THE REAL TEAS on them ladies and their relationships - and A WHOLE LOT OF LIES were being told.

But the one that got our PANNIES ALL IN A BUNCH was the ones told by that lady ARIANE. You'll recall that Ariane was on their BRAGGING about how her relationship with her BABYS FATHER DeShawn Stevenson was "like a marriage" . . . and she later CONFRONTED Draya for sleeping with the man while THEY WERE TOGETHER.

Ariane went further and BRAGGED ON CAMERA about how she and DeShawn were together since HIGH SCHOOL.

Well what the HEAUX didn't tell you was that DeShawn was actually MARRIED to another woman .. . and that makes her the SIDE CHICK. And yes, we have the RECEIPTS below . . . in the form of a MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE!!

Peep her trying to GO IN On Draya here:

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