: MediaTakeOut.com has obtained some EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS . . . that will show a Fight that will break out between two housewives in the next few weeks. We told you about the fight in an EARLIER ARTICLE - but we got NEW INFO plus PICS now!!

The drama unfolded this fall when Cynthia threw a charity event and invited all the ladies. The ladies broke up into teams, each one having their OWN TEAM, and the teams competed in various sports - like baseball, basketball, etc.

Well MESSY AZZ KENYA invited Marlo - who you'll soon see has a lot of ISSUES with her former BFF NeNe - and put her on "TEAM TWIRL", Kenya's team. During a competition between Team TWIRL and "TEAM RICH" (NeNe's team), MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY learned that NeNe tried to TURN UP on Marlo like she did to Kenya in the hotel. But Marlo ain't Kenya.

We're told that Marlo immediately got into a FIGHT STANCE and was prepared to PUT HANDS on NeNe. NeNe then, like a PUNK, tried to walk away - and she ALLEGEDLY bumped Marlo when leaving.

Marlo then ALLEGEDLY threw a water bottle and hit NeNe, and a Bravo producer in the head.

You would think that AS MUCH AS NENE TALKS - if someone hit you in the head you'd fight back. BUT NO . . . NeNe called the police and filed a police report on Marlo.

Oh you want RECEIPTS? Well we got PICS below!!

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