: If you have NEVER seen an episode of the Atlanta Housewives - you have GOT TO WATCH TONIGHT'S EPISODE . . . it's going down.

It starts off with the aftermath from the Apollo fight . . . where he BEAT UP Kenya's assistant.

Well today it's time for Kandi and Malorie to GET IT POPPIN!! It all starts when Peter tries to TURN UP on Kandi and Todd. Todd stands his ground and actually PUSHES Peter's OLD AZZ.

Then Cynthia's SISTER Malorie jumps in and attacks Todd. That's when Kandi BLACKS OUT . . . to protect her man.

After watching this lip we are SOOOOOOO team Kandi. She was prepared to beat a chick azz on NATIONAL TV over her fiance. That's the kind of DOWN AZZ REAL CHICKS that we f*ck with . . .

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