: MediaTakeOut.com just got word that it WENT DOWN last night - at the opening of Atlanta's HOTTEST new restaurant - ‘Sleazy & Zino Bistro & Bar’, owned by STEVIE J and BENZINO. The grand opening was TOP notch, with Atlanta celebs everywhere . . . but then . . . things started to CURVE!

MediaTakeOut.com learned that MULTIPLE FIGHTS broke out during the event . .. leaving one cast member BLOODY . . . one knocked UNCONSCIOUS and one ALLEGEDLY having to PULL OUT THE HEATER to protect herself!!! (We say allegedly cause the FEDS MIGHT BE WATCHIN)

Here's what we know happened, ALLEGEDLY (Hey Feds). So it all started when Benzino brought his NEW FIANCE Althea to the event. Benzino and Althea were very happy - enjoying themselves . . . when KARLI REDD started hating . .. and she brought her friend Erica (Scrappy's BM) with her. Karli reportedly CONFRONTED Althea . . . and it all GOT TO POPPIN!!!

MediaTakeOut.com can say that ALLEGEDLY Althea TWO-PIECED Karli and knocked her out cold . . . we're talking SLEEP. Erica immediately jumped in and ALLEGEDLY started throwing bottles at Althea.

That's when we're told that a melee ensued. A lot of bumping started going on and some LOCAL DOPE BOYS didn't like being bumped so they ALLEGEDLY pulled guns and started waving them in the air like a scene in New Jack City.

At that point we're told that Momma Dee ALLEGEDLY pulled a pistol in self defense and started waving it at folks.

Oh . . . it doesn't end there. While the melee was going on Scrappy's new GF Shay somehow got into a fight with one of Joseline's GIRLFRIENDS. And ALLEGEDLY Shay bussed her in the head with a bottle of ACE OF SPADES.

MediaTakeOut.com can CONFIRM that Love And Hip Hop cameras were there taping ALL THIS MESS. We can't wait to see this UPCOMING season . . . cause last night was CUH-RAZZZZZYYYYY!!!

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