: As all of y'all ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES watchers know . . . Kenya Moore started some MESS a few weeks back when she started a RUMOR that Christopher Williams and Natalie were NOT REALLY MARRIED . . . and that Natalie was just a COMMON LAW wife.

That messy rumor caused a fight - that ended up with Apollo and Peter JUMPING her friend at NeNe's party. And all kinds of other violence (which will be seen THIS COMING WEEK).

Well MediaTakeOut.com conducted EXTENSIVE RESEARCH in all 50 STATES . . . and we can now CONFIRM that Christopher Williams and Natalie ARE IN FACT married. And we attached a copy of the paperwork below. The two were married in Las Vegas in 1995

Kenya must feel real silly right about now . . .

This is an MTO exclusive. If you a news agency or a blog and you steal our hard work/reporting we will never link or give you credit for any news item you break.

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