: MediaTakeOu.com is learning MORE AND MORE about the whole Apollo drama as the situation UNFOLDS. As we reported yesterday, Apollo was ARRESTED by the US Secret Service and charged with bank fraud and identity theft. The charges against Apollo are based LARGELY on the testimony of a SNITCH witness.

We're told that federal agents were looking to "FLIP" Apollo and get him to implicate his wife Phaedra. The agents questioned Apollo yesterday and during the questioning they asked whether HIS WIFE Phaedra had ANY involvement in the matter.

MediaTakeOut.com can confirm that Apollo told federal agents that Phaedra had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with any of the alleged fraudulent activities. Apollo also maintained his innocence.

We're going to have to see where this leads. But we're told to expect "FIREWORKS" next week . . . as Apollo's attorney's begin their defense.

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