: Here is a report that we just got . . . CHILLLLLLE Marlo is a mess!!

Last Sunday's show was extremely successful so a few of the wives have obviously looking for a pay raise.

Marlo had a conference call w Andy (w/o planning ahead of time but he was being nice so he decided to talk) to talk about the episode things went well but then she started begging Andye for a official spot on the show.

He said no because right now things are hot and are most likely going to stay that way up until the end of the reunion & because many people don't care for her.

After that she got mad and started breathing heavy through her nose like some psycho so he goes "there are no small roles only small people" and dismissed her

Later that day she sent him a sorry e-card. He shared it with just about everyone in the office and we all died laughing

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