: We've been giving you guys some BLIND ITEM reports lately. So it's time to REVEAL who we were talking about.

[R&B singer with the initials K.H.] pretty much chased [Her NBA baller BF]. She's so desperate to get married it's SAD. She has talked to him about marriage many times and he keeps shutting her down. he has even tried breaking up with her, but every time he does it she cries like a baby and he takes her back.

Do not follow all that hype on instagram and twitter..these two break up every week. He doesn't give two sh*ts about her. She has caught him cheating MULTIPLE times with many women but she keeps taking him back.

He has chicks coming over at his place all the time when she's not there. If anyone knows this chik personally, you know the real deal ..tell her to move on..this n*gga aint tryna wife her.

[She needs to] move on with her life and find a man who will treat her like a queen. You know she cry damn near every damn day... just move on...God will help her!

We can now OFFICIALLY reveal that the Blind Item was about Serge Ibaka and Keri Hilson. The two are now OFFICIALLY broken up!!

Here was out ORIGINAL Blind Item

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