: Ladies and gentlemen if you KNOW ANYONE that has NEVER watched an episode of the Atlanta Housewives . . . please ask them to tune in next week . . . cause it's GOING DOWN.

MediaTakeOut.com spoke with MULTIPLE SOURCES who confirm that next week will be FULL OF VIOLENCE. Multiple parties will be getting their AZZES KICKED on national television.

Now we just want to let y'all know that we are TELLING THE REAL below . . . so if you don't want to know what happens, don't read any further. What you see below is 100% FACTS!!!

Here's how it will ALL GO DOWN. Next week, NeNe will throw a pajama party and invite everyone - Christopher Williams and his wife, Kandi and Todd, Cynthia, Peter and Cynthia's nosy sister Malorie, Porsha, Phaedra and Apollo, and Kenya and her assistant.

Well people started drinking . . . and then CONFRONTING each other. And MULTIPLE azzes were kicked. . .

The first person that will get their azzes kicked is Kenya's assistant . . . whatever his name is. Christopher Williams CONFRONTS Kenya about telling his wife that he refers to her as a "common law" wife. At one point, Kenya TURNS UP on Christopher and dude gets LOUD with her. When Kenya's assistant sees Christopher getting loud, he jumps up in the air - and starts FLAILING HIS ARMS like he's going to do something to somebody.

People try and break up the "fight" between dude and Christopher Williams. Dude refuses to calm the f*ck down and he PUNCHES Apollo who was just trying to break things up. Apollo then slams dude onto the ground and BEATS THE F*CK outta his azz.

And that's just the beginning. Everyone was a very ON EDGE after seeing the fight . . . and Peter decides to use THIS TIME to confront Kandi about some SLICK COMMENTS she made about him and his "history."

According to our source, Peter started getting very DISRESPECTFUL towards Kandi and at some point TODD got TURN'T UP and started getting into it WITH PETER!!! We're getting CONFLICTING reports, but we understand that Todd may have actually PUT HANDS ON PETER!!!

And it gets worse. With Peter and Todd fighting - MALORIE decides that it's her turn to try and TURN UP. She runs over to Kandi in a very THREATENING MANNER . . . and we hear that Kandi PUNCHES HER DEAD IN HER FACE . . . a TWO PIECE!!!

Before long all the fights are broken up by BRAVO SECURITY . . . and the authorities were called to sort out the mess.

According to our insider MULTIPLE LAWSUITS will likely be filed for assault . . . so it's not clear HOW MUCH of what we just reported above will actually be SHOWN . . and how much will be edited out.

Either way, Bravo is sure to show MOST of it . . . and it's going to be bay FAR the best Housewives episode ever. Possibly the best REALITY TV SHOW EVER!!!

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