: MediaTakeOutcom learned that Bravo is leasing the home for Porsha, and they're leasing NeNe's home also. Porsha was a little apprehensive about telling NeNe because the house that PORSHA got from Bravo is actually BIGGER AND NICER than the one that NeNe is getting.

Porsha was a little EMBARASSED that she, a single girl, got a bigger house than Nene who is married and has been with the show much longer.

We're pretty sure that the Bravo producers gave Porsha the BIGGER house because they wanted NeNe to FEEL SOME TYPE OF WAY about it, and let jealousy destroy her friendship with Porsha. And given the way NeNe reacted, it looks like it worked.

Andy and them Bravo producers are THE DEVIL!!!

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