: Here is the tea, curstosy of on eof Luda's alleged EX-JUMPOFFS:

Luda is soooooo lying b/c one of my friends use to date him b4 Eudoxidoodoo and she had the same issues which is why they stop seeing each other. She cared less about him being Luda & rich. He started liking her when he worked at the radio station & super immature so she let him grow up even after he became luda but he was still not ready & wanted her to be caught up & give him a pass b/c of the house, fame, $$$, trips & private jet.

Eudoxidoodoo has called her phone a lot b/c she goes through his phone. Even lied & told Luda my friend was e-mailing & calling her which wasn’t true. She didn’t have that dummy’s info. Lol!!! She was just nervous & worried about losing that $$$ & lifestyle after she saw how Luda was begging to see my friend even putting $$$ in her account & all the things he wanted to do to her.

If my friend ever put out the text & emails she has from him it would be crazy, ole girl might kill herself or him but my friend ain’t thinking about him like that. She only let a couple of us know what was up after she found out how Eudoxidoodoo had lied on her when she was sick & recovering from major surgery; causing a huge blow up b/w my friend & Luda but boy when he found out the truth he was calling & texting to apologize & begging like crazy to see her. Lol!!!

She said he’s good in bed so after almost a year of begging she started using him as her emergency ‘d’ and he would come whenever she called but she says they haven’t messed around since late 2012 b/c he got mad that he could only come over when she wanted; everything was on her terms. Boy those e-mails are hilarious he was pissed!!! Lol!!!!

Eudoxidoodoo is a straight gold digger caught up in the lights, camera,$$$ and she ain’t giving that up and he’s a cheater so they make a great couple. Lol!"

Wow . . . is getting a ring from a baller worth putting up with ALL THIS ISH????

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