: Biggest LOSERS of 2013

5 - Gabby Union - Y'all already know.

4 - Keyshia Cole's estranged husband Daniel "BOOBIE" Gibson - He was CUT from the Cleveland Cavaliers and DUMPED by Keyshia Cole (for allegedly cheating). He was also sued for $2M by a former friend who claims that Boobie BROKE HIS JAW. So now he's got NO job, NO wife, and he may be BROKE after the lawsuit. Tough year.

3 - Kanye West - We knew it was a BAD LOOK when Kanye got with Kim and impregnated her . . . but who knew it was going to be THIS BAD. Kanye's new Yeezus album did NOT sell as well as expected, and most of his core hip hop fans hated it. His tour STRUGGLED to sell tickets, even in places like Chicago that had SAME-DAY-SELLOUTS in the past. And his public meltdowns have made him a virtual LAUGHING STOCK. We would have made him number 1 but the birth of his daughter was a definite PLUS FOR HIM.

2 - Ciara - We've been waiting for YEARS for Ciara to get her career back on track - and it seemed like she was on her way back with her song with songs like 'BODY PARTY' getting traction. Then she goes and gets KNOCKED UP BY FUTURE . . . who at last count had 4 other babys mothers. What's wrong with her . . .

1 - Chris Brown -- Chris was JUST STARTING to get out from under the Rihanna ABUSE SHADOW . . . by putting out HIT SONG AFTER HIT SONG . . . then he f*cked up. This year he was accused of assaulting Frank Ocean, beating up a fan and then breaking out of rehab. He's lucky to have NOT BEEN LOCKED UP . . . but 2013 has to be seen as a TERRIBLE YEAR for Breezy.

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