: Here are the biggest WINNERS of 2013

5. Drake - Going into 2013 there were QUESTIONS as to who was the TOP RAPPER . . . was it Kendrick, Future, Kanye, Big Sean. Well it's now clear to us . . . and to just about everyone else that it's DRAKE. His tour SOLD OUT all over the country, and his new album is dropping HIT-AFTER HIT-AFTER HIT in 2013. We are now officially in the DRAKE ERA of hip hop.

4. The members of TLC - The VH1 TV movie brought in the BIGGEST RATING EVER for a TV movie on cable and breathed LIFE into the careers of TLC. T-Boz and Chilli started off the year as a bunch of HAS-BEENS . . . and they ended it teetering on the verge of being BLACK COMMUNITY A-LISTERS. That's a nice come up.

3. Floyd "Money" Mayweather - When Floyd signed an unprecedented $200M guaranteed deal with Showtime last year, people were wondering would he be able to deliver ratings. Well he HAS. Floyd spent 2013 beating up Robert Guerrero and then TOP MEXICAN fighter Canelo Alvarez - who many believed would BEAT Floyd. He proved that he's one of - if not the GREATEST EVER - boxer in history.

2. Beyonce - We all knew that Beyonce still had the ABILITY TO MAKE A HIT song . . . but she hadn't done so in a minute. So we were SKEPTICAL about her new album - and so were the label execs at Sony BMG. Well Beyonce released her album ON HER OWN - no support from anyone . . . and it was a MAJOR SUCCESS. And we're not just talking about "media hype" success either. We've been playing that CD daily in the MTO offices - it's THAT FIRE.

1. Evelyn Lozada - Evelyn got more miles on her than a 57 Chevy, and she's getting UP THERE IN AGE, so it was SAFE TO ASSUME that it was a wrap for her. Not only did she land one of the highest paid ATHLETES IN THE WORLD . . . but she got him to impregnate her before her EGGS GOT SCRAMBLED. And she got a $1.4M ring too. . . Ev is by FAR the biggest winner of 2013.

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