: Sooooo ... we are hearing ALL KINDS OF RUMORS about Beyonce and the CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDSHIP that she struck up with her male dancer Laurant - one of LES TWINS. According to multiple sources, the two are "very close" and people are questioning if their relationship BORDERS ON INAPPROPRIATE.

We can OFFICIALLY tell you that Laurant is NOT gay . . . he is VERY heterosexual. And he's FRENCH . . . so you know he's HORNY AS F*CK. And also remember a few weeks ago when there were rumors that Beyonce was FIGHTING with Jay . . . and he wrote a song that suggested that Beyonce was CHEATING ON HIM.

Well . . . know what happens when people are ON THE ROAD AWAY FROM THEIR SPOUSE for months on end.

And we're not the only ones who thing SOMETHING IS UP, apparently Laurant's friends TEASE HIM about his relationship with Beyonce . . . . in a recent interview they all said "OOOOOOOH" when he admitted to touching Bey's butt.

Laurant was asked SPECIFICALLY if her ever touched Beyonce's BUTT . . . and dude responded "of course"

Interviewer: How did you get on the Billboard Awards?

Laurent: Billboard Awards….

[INTERRUPTION] - One of the guys from Mos Wanted (another dance group) asks if he's touched [Beyonce's] booty

Laurent: (Turns Around) Of Course

Mos Wanted Crew: OHHH (laughing)

Laurent: For Dance, for Dance, I respect her, I respect Jay-Z and I don’t want no problems with her.


And listen to Laurant talk about Bey .. . he sounds like he's got a CRUSH ON HER:

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