: Yesterday MediaTakeOut.com published documents sent to us by a representative of Steve Harvey's ex-wife Mary. The documents were from police records concerning a 2008 incident where Steve's ex and his son Wynton described an incident where Steve "physically disciplined" his son. The incident SOUNDED TO US like Steve gave the boy an OLD FASHION WHIPPING that might have gone CLOSE TO THE EDGE . . . but nothing out of the ordinary. Steve was NEVER prosecuted for the incident, and he appears to have a GREAT relationship with his son.

Anyways . . . shortly after we posted that report, Mary was TAKEN TO JAIL - for contempt of court. A Texas judge found that Mary should NOT HAVE SHOWN that report to anyone - and so they LOCKED HER UP. The Texas judge plans on holding her IN JAIL through Christmas and into early next year.

Steve . . . bruh, we understand you got ISSUES WITH YOUR EX. But does she really need to be BEHIND BARS FOR CHRISTMAS over this???? We hope you'll do what you can to get this woman out of jail . . .

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