: Nigerian beautician and skincare expert Pela Tonye Okiemute specializes in skin whitening and sales of bleaching product. He recently sat down with the popular African magazine Encomium, where he said the following:

Gone are those days when people use bad products like Hydroquine and other forms of chemicals that cause damage to the skin. We use advanced products and herbs which makes our skin look healthy. We have discovered some other products like Gluthatione. They are pills that are medically good and needed for the body, which has its side effect as lightening the skin.

So it is not a bad side effect because many people want to lighten up so they lighten up and become healthy. Gluthathione kills and reduces Cancer. It kills kidney problem, kills lungs problems. It reduces high blood pressure. It is anti-aging, clears spots and pimples from your face and body. It is more of a healthy medication with its side effect as whitening.

We ABSOLUTELY do not believe any of that mess. Any pill that will f*ck up your skin like that . . . . will prolly f*ck up your INSIDES TOO!!!

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