: MediaTakeOut.com just got EXCLUSIVE NEWS that yesterday, Toya Wright Carter got LOCKED UP on warrants. Police stopped her car in Atlanta, and when they ran a search - they found she has WARRANTS issued by the local College Park police department (outside of Atlanta).

It's not exactly CLEAR what her warrants were for . . . but she spent the night in jail and was released this morning.

Note - College Park PD is VERY serious about parking tickets. We hear they will LOCK YOUR AZZ UP QUICK if you don't pay them. We suspect that parking tickets are the "warrants" they picked up Toya on. But is it really THAT serious . . . to lock up a woman over TICKETS???

This is a MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVE report. If you are a blog or media company and you steal this EXCLUSIVE, we will NEVER give you credit for ANY of your original reports - EVER!!

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