: MediaTakeOut.com just got an EXPLOSIVE piece of information. You know how Kandi's mother Mama Joyce is talking about how she thinks Todd cheated on Kandi with her BFF Karmen?

At first we thought the accusations were Mama Joyce just acting CRAZY.

But then a little birdie told us that while Kandi travels away from home, Karmen stays her house ALONE with Todd. And we're told that over the last 6 months, Kandi's been OUT OF THE HOUSE for a total of close to three weeks.

We're also told that the room where Karmen SLEEPS IN when she's t Kandi's house is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to Kandi and Todd's room.

Kandi - how are you going to leave a woman HOME ALONE with your husband for THREE WEEKS. We're starting to see Mama Joyce's point now . . .

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