: Do y'all remember way back in 2009 when married NFL star Steve McNair was MURDERED along with his side chick. At the time, police said that it was the side piece, Sahel "Jenni" Kazemi, that did a murder suicide.

Now the Discovery ID channel is suggesting that Steve's WIFE MAY HAVE KILLED HIM. Sounds crazy, right? Well here's how an mtoer describes what happened:

The Discovery ID channel ran a expose on [the murder], shedding light on a lot of things we weren't privy to knowing before. Namely, the fact that investigators don't really think it's a murder suicide, but they don't want to shame themselves into reopening the case. The show was called "True Crime With Aphrodite Jones".

Besides how the gun was obtained, how McNair ONLY had $7 in his pocket, and how Kazemi's friends say McNair and Kazemi were doing fine, according to the show how McNair's wife behaved afterwards threw up a lot of red flags.

Mechelle McNair was Steve's wife of 12 years and at the time of his murder, she told investigators she had no idea he was carrying on an affair with Kazemi. When McNair died he did not have a will. Well, he was supposed to have a will but no will could be found. All of his assets were then left to his wife. McNair, who built his mother the house she had been living in, had not put the house in his mother's name. When he died, Mechelle asked McNair's mother to start paying $3000/month in rent in order to stay in the home. Unfortunately his mother could not afford that and she was forced to move. Since then, she hasn't spoken to Mechelle or her grand children.

According to the show, Mechelle's strange behavior as well as other small things lead investigators to think that maybe McNair and Kazemi were murdered by a hired killer. The gun was owned by a man who had just gotten out of jail for a murder during a botched robbery attempt and his story of how Kazemi got the gun didn't make sense.


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